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Who we are:

Welcome to LT Laborhandel GmbH, your competent partner for laboratory, practice and research from Bremen since 2009.

Welcome and enjoy your visit on our website.

What we do:

Supply of laboratory equipment, consumables, each and any kind of chemicals for analysis, forensics, experiments and / or sampling.

We offer you over 200,000 short-term items, available from a single source.

What makes us special?

It is very important not just to sell a product, but to make the customer happy to buy from us. This includes personal interaction and quick response to customer’s inquiries and problems of any kind related to a certain project.

When additional asssistance is needed, it is our duty not to let you alone with a problem. The combination of all those points is the key of our business.

Our shop categories

General laboratory supplies

Buy general laboratory supplies here.


Buy balances for laboratory here.

Bottle Top Dispensers

Buy bottle top dispensers here.


Buy centrifuges for laboratory here.

Dispersing Elements

Buy dispersing elements for laboratory here.

Disposable gloves

Buy disposable gloves for laboratory here.

Drying Cabinets

Buy drying cabinets for laboratory here.

Latex gloves

Buy latex gloves for laboratory here.


Buy microscopes for laboratory here.


Buy mills for laboratory here.

Mixer, Stirrer and Shaker

Buy mixer, stirrer and shaker for laboratory here.

Nitrile gloves

Buy nitrile gloves for laboratory here.

Paper wipes

Buy paper wipes for laboratory here.


Buy pipettes for laboratory here.

Protective clothing

Buy protective clothing for laboratory here.

Rotary Evaporators

Buy rotary evaporators gloves for laboratory here.


Buy thermostates for laboratory here.

Vacuum Pumps / -controllers

Buy vacuum pumps and vacuum controllers here.

Vinyl gloves

Buy vinyl gloves for laboratory here.


Buy viscosimeters for laboratory here.
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