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MEDITRADE Nitrile 3000

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” Nitril 3000 is a latex-free disposable glove made from nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). The material is not only very resistant; it clings very quickly to the hand like a second skin, thereby guaranteeing fatigue-free working. The polymer inner coating means it can be pulled on effortlessly. Fits either hand, with rolled edge, white, powder-free, microroughened surface, non-sterile, disposable.Usage Medical glove and category III PPE (personal protective equipment), tested to EN 374 (protection against chemicals and microorganisms). Suitable for handling cleaning products and disinfectants, and for other applications in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, for professional cleaning, in the catering business and for handling foodstuffs in general. Ideal for sensitive users who have been diagnosed with a (type I) latex allergy.”

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